Fourfields Community Primary School

Fourfields Community Primary School
Life at Fourfields Community Primary School Life at Fourfields Community Primary School Life at Fourfields Community Primary School Life at Fourfields Community Primary School Life at Fourfields Community Primary School Life at Fourfields Community Primary School Life at Fourfields Community Primary School Life at Fourfields Community Primary School




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Remote Learning Survey

Pupil and Parent Personal information - Data Verification

Test and Trace

Hampton Gardens Open Day

Census Menu

Communication Re Suspected Cases

Flu Immunisation Programme

School Photograph Day

Revised Menu

Pick Up and Drop Off Arrangements

Test and Trace

Autumn Menu 2020


September Reopening

Schools Reopening in September

Governors Newsletter

Information for September

End of Term Gifts

Catching Up

IQM Award

Moving Up

Coronavirus Test and Trace

Annual Reports

Transition Years 2 & 4

Music Lessons

From Mrs Blyth - Post September?

Return to School Confirmation - FS, Y1 and Y6 - specified children only

Visual Return to School Update- Suitable for Children

Information about a Return to School

Return to School from Director of Education

Half Term and Key Workers

Return to School - 1st June?

LA Response to 10th May PM Announcement

Return to School - First Thoughts from Mrs Blyth                    Survey Link

Informer 1st May 2020

Informer 24th April 2020

Summer Term from Mrs Blyth

Year 6 Leaver's Hoodies - On Sale 7th April

Key Worker Definitions

Home Learning 

COV-ID 19 Keyworker Update

COV-ID 19 Keyworker Definition 20/03/2020

COV-ID 19 19/03/2020

School Packs

COV-ID 18032020

Caythorpe Residential

COV-ID 19 17/03/2020

Caythorpe Residential   Coronavirus Information and PGL Response

COV-ID 19 (16/03/2020)

Coronavirus 12/03/2020


Informer 06/03/2020

Lion King Dance - Barn Owls

Lion King Dance - Hares

Sports Relief - Mufti Day

Moor Farm Viability Letter   Packed Lunch Menu

Informer 28/02/2020


Foundation Stage Transition to Year 1


Moor Farm Visit

Parents' Consultations

Fourfields informer 14/02/2020

Mr Horwood (Hawks)

"The Boy In Striped Pyjamas" (Hawks)

Term Times

Lost Property

Planetarium - Viable (Year 1)

Leavers Hoodies Reminder

Informer 31/01/2020

Mrs Craik (Kestrels)

Dance Club - Cresset Dance Festival

Informer 24/01/2020

Moor Farm

Curriculum Newsletters for Spring 2020 -  Foundation Stage     Year 1     Year2     Year 3    Year 4   Year 5   Year 6

Year 6 Leavers Hoodies

Informer 17/01/2020



Film Night Letter from Friends of Fourfields

Attendance and Punctuality Leaflet

Disney Menu 16th January 2020

Total Clothing - School Uniform Swapping Event

Curriculum Survey Jan 2020

Year 1 Planetarium Visit

Club Flier - Spring 2020        Additional Clubs Flier

Fourfields Informer 19th December 2019

Governors' Newsletter December 2019

Informer 13/12/2019

Mrs Fox (Rabbits)

Year 6 Bawdsey Payment Plan

Lost Property

Informer 6th December 2019

Tallington Lakes Letter    Disclaimer    Activities Kit List

Christmas Lunch Menu (18th December)

World War II Day Letter    World War II Day Clothes

Informer 29th November 2019

Christmas Box Parade (Foundation Stage)

Relief Cleaner

Incredible Years

Christmas - Just Giving

Multiskills (Year 2)

Christmas Events Flier

Festive Films Fundraiser

Flu Vaccination Programme - Postponed

Fourfields Informer 08/11/2019

What Makes an Explorer (Year 5)


Poppy Sale


Children In Need

Informer 01/11/2019

Class Teacher - Robins

Informer 18/10/2019

Mr Brown's Retirement at Christmas

 Year 1 Hamerton Trip - Viable        Packed Lunch Menu

Parents' Consultations    Guide for Booking Appointments

Warwick Castle Year 3 Trip - Final Reminders

Fourfields Informer

Mufti Day

Year 2 Victorian Day

Year 1 Hamerton Letter - Plea for contributions

School Uniform Swapping Event

Homework Letter   Homework Policy

Warwick Castle- Viability Confirmation

Fourfields Informer

Halloween Disco - Friends of Fourfields


Year 1 Trip to Hamerton

Year 1 Curriculum Guide

Going Up To Secondary School

Harvest Festival - KS1

School Photographer 01 October 2019

Stanground Academy - Year 6 Open Evening

Hampton Gardens - Year 6 Open Evening

Informer 13092019

Warwick Castle (Year 3)

Vision Screening (Foundation Stage)

The School Book Fair is Back

Mrs Blyth - Secondment Appointment

Flu Immunisation Programme

Flu Programme Poster

Letter to Year 3 about School Meal Payments