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Fourfields Community Primary


Trousers, skirts, pinafore dresses or shorts should be grey.  Skirts, shorts and dresses should be knee length or below.

Shirts or polo shirts should be white or purple. Where possible, the school would prefer children to wear comfortable black walking shoes with white or grey socks/tights. Girls may wear purple gingham dresses in the summer.

Jumpers/cardigans should be purple, preferably with the school logo.

For PE lessons we would prefer the children had a combination of blue shorts with T Shirts representing their House colour with a track suit and trainers for outdoor PE. All our 'house colours' are available from Total Clothing (Your Clothing Shop).

No jewellery in school except small stud earrings and a watch, but these are worn at owners risk.  For PE no jewellery can be worn. 

We believe this uniform provides the children with comfortable but smart clothing to wear through out any typical working day at Fourfields. Please ensure all items of clothing are labelled with your child's name so that in the case of loss, the item of clothing can be returned to you. Bookbags are available from Total Clothing although for new starters the Friends of Fourfields will purchase your child's first book bag as a welcome gift.

Wearing earrings for PE

We take a strong stance on the wearing of jewellery during physical education and children must not wear earrings during any PE activity or after school sports club. This is because we wish to protect our children from injury to themselves or another child.

The Local Authority’s statement says:

“The wearing of rings, earrings, watches, bracelets and other personal adornments constitute a hazard if worn for physical activity and must be removed before the physical education lesson.

There may be some exceptional occasions where a personal adornment cannot reasonably be removed (such as newly pierced ears). In such circumstances the item must be made “safe” for the activities concerned, both for the wearer and other participants (e.g. for newly pierced ears the application of micropore tape). The wearing of sleepers and hoops is not acceptable”

Therefore, although small stud earrings may be worn in school, they must be removed by your child for any PE activity or after school sports club.  If your child is unable to remove their own earrings, then they should not wear them to school on PE days. The only exception to this would be if ears have been recently pierced when micropore tape would need to be used to cover the earring.  Micropore tape must be provided by yourselves and applied by the child. 

If you plan to have your child’s ears pierced in the future it would very helpful, if  possible, to arrange this for the beginning of the summer holidays. Please also consider the age of your child, as many of our KS1 children are still unable to remove earrings on their own and can get upset.

Thank you for your understanding.

Where to Purchase

Click the logo below to purchase uniform online. 

 your clothing

Click HERE for a guide to setting up your account.

The school is working with Total Clothing (also known as 'Your Clothing') to supply good quality uniform with the school logo at reasonable prices. This includes sweatshirts, fleeces, cardigans, polo shirts and PE shirts. To contact them, please use the link above or visit their shop at:

9 Botolph Trading Estate

Oundle Road



Tel: 01733 394758.

Please note purple gingham dresses can be purchased from most high street shops such as Marks and Spencers and Asda as well as Tescos.

Parents or carers who would like to see their child wear school uniform and who are in receipt of free school meals, job seekers allowance or income support or are eligible for Pupil Premium should contact the Assistant Headteacher, Mrs Hewerdine.  

Lost Property

Please ask the school office to check in the lost property box if you think your child  has lost something.

Permanent laundry marker pens are available from the school office for only £1...much easier than sewing name tags!